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An interesting experience with “Flipped Classroom” and ESL

Jennifer Artan, a LINC instructor in Ontario, Canada, writes an article about using an online learning management system in blended learning mode  with her ESL students.  In her article, To Flip or not to Flip, I am sure that many instructors can learn from her experience.

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Use Wiggio to work in groups online

is a free option for you and your team to host conference calls, share a calendar, host an online poll and more.  Click on the “Start a Group” button to create your online collaboration.  Premium options are also available.

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An Interesting Project for elearning the “NLGrid”

The NLGridThe Newfoundland and Labrador Grid (NLGrid) is a teaching and learning platform using the 3D virtual world, Open Sim.  The immersive nature of 3D virtual worlds provides opportunities in which people can learn, work and play.  Participants can interact with others, create simulation where people can roleplay and create teaching/learning environments where learners can explore, discover and interact with others and engage in activity.

The NLGrid is a part of the Immersive Technology Project.

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Create your own word puzzles at Puzzlemaker

Puzzlemaker Create one of ten of word puzzle types from Puzzlemaker at Discovery Education.

  • Word Search
  • Criss Cross
  • Double Puzzles
  • Fallen Phrases
  • Math Squares  and more…


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Free Vector logos at freevector

Freevector has a sampling of vector illustrations in Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF and SVG formats.   These include vector signs & symbols, design elements, clip art, flags, maps, silhouettes, ornaments and backgrounds. All the vectors on this page are free for your personal use. Some of the vectors are useful such as the Apple logo.

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Free Interactive English Learning Activities at GCF

Among its many interactive and free offerings for education,  GCF includes a set of English language activities that ESL or EFL teacher should consider for their CALL purposes. Students can chose to enter these activities based on their native language or enter the area at a basic English instruction level. Either way ESL/EFL instructors should give this site a chance.

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Quickly Shorten/slice YouTube videos with TubeChop

Simply copy a YouTube video address or any other streamed video address and paste it into the TubeChop box.  Position your in point and out point of the shortened video.  then add a comment at the bottom.  Click the “chop it” button  and the site generates a new URL that you can use to show or share with your students or peers.

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Common Craft Cut-Outs for your “How To” videos

Common Craft, the people who bring you great explanation videos,  are offering their cut-out sketch art elements for your development purposes in their Cut-Out Library. They may not be the Mona Lisa but they might just be useful to you for in the future.

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Pinterest for Educators

Pinterest is a visual means of sharing information and resources on the Internet.  A good example to start off with if you are an educator or and educational developer is the Pinterest Education board. We have an educational technology board for education techies/developers.  If you require assistance in starting your own Pinterest board refer to  Getting Started with Pinterest.

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